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For each culture represented, our goal is to make this easy and fun for our families. We would like to have a world map with your country marked with a pin so the “tourists” know where your country is in relation to other countries. If you have items from there (money, dolls, flag, toys, etc), examples of writing in the native language, native music and maybe a game played there would be great. We are hoping to group all of our countries logically once we have a final list so that no one is left presenting alone in one of the bays. If you have connections with dance/music groups, we would love to invite them to do a 10 min performance (if from a dance school or professional organization, they would be welcome to pass out flyers) in the gym. Finally, if you’d like to prepare sample sizes of native food, we will have an International Cafe in the cafeteria.

Here's an example table to show  how complex, or simple, their tables can be:

Sample Table

Some additional items:

  • Parents are welcome to bring laptops to show videos. WiFi is slow at school so it is recommended to download the videos prior to arriving at school
  • The school may be able to provide enough world maps
  • In order to adhere things to the walls at the school, use something like Elmer’s Tacky Putty

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This article was updated on August 14, 2019